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There’s a war inside us.

Right now cells, proteins and DNA are seriously damaged by a hidden enemy silently thriving in our bodies. If not stopped, the excess of these molecules can lead to a condition called oxidative stress, similar to a metal rusting. These infamous molecules are better known as free radicals.

Research shows that 90% of chronic health challenges can be linked to oxidative stress which contributes to ageinginflammation and  the development of several health conditions, including diabetescancer, muscle disfunction, neurodegenerative disease and many more.

But don’t worry, being able to beat the insidious free radicals will be as easy as drinking a cup of water.

We promise.

Now that we know our hidden antagonist, let’s see how we can win this war!

Every war needs it’s hero.

One that never backs down, overcomes virtually impossible obstacles and wins every battle.

This is one of them and it so powerful it defends from oxidative stress in a way no other anti-oxidant does. It’s name is Molecular Hydrogen (H₂). It’s glory comes from being an unstoppable anti-oxidant, a brave anti-inflammatory, a hormone-regulator and a caring anti-apoptosis agent.

Thanks to H₂ you will not only fight free radicals effortlessly but also seamlessly boost your overall well-being.

Here’s 4 amazing qualities of H₂ :

1. Size  : Molecular Hydrogen is the simplest and smallest molecule in the universe, therefore it basically floats through our body’s cells and diffuses rapidly. Nothing can stop it’s path. It even gets where only few other anti-oxidant can, crossing the blood brain barrier

2. Selectivity : Not all anti-oxidants are the same. In fact in excess they can also disrupt the balance inside the cells leading to a negative effect on the body. This doesn’t happen with H₂, which only targets the harmful free radicals

3. Zero Toxicity : No overdosage is possible with H₂ as it converts radicals into water, hydrating the cells in the process

4. Synergy : H₂ aids our bodies to enhance anti-oxidant enzymes for a better anti-oxidant efficacy & efficiency

Let’s now discover all the benefits that our ultimate hero can bring to our life.

What would we be without our mind?

Isn’t it something we want to preserve and perhaps even enhance? It’s not easy task and as time goes on we feel the need to defend our most precious ally, our brain.

Established studies show that oxidative stress causes brain cell damage, a huge variety of mental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, mood disorders, depression are just a few to mention.

Since our brain is highly protected by its blood brain barrier, which is the gatekeeper that restricts the passage of dietary anti-oxidants, we must find a way to penetrate it.

As you may have guessed, Molecular Hydrogen has no problem eluding it, fighting free radicals and helping us prevent their damage. In fact studies show the incredible neuroprotective ability of our hero to benefit the brain, making H₂ a must in the protection of our mind.

Your greatest ally will be forever grateful to this special hero.

Our body is a chemical factory.

Every second millions of reactions take place in order to sustain our life. This process is called metabolism and includes energy production, cellular growth and repair.

If our metabolism does not work properly we can have serious health implications such as obesity, diabetes and energy deficiency.

Thanks to molecular hydrogen we can easily tap into this process by hacking our body‘a and cells’ ability to function on a higher level of efficiency.

According to health experts, drinking hydrogen water on a regular basis helps control fat and body weight.

H₂ in fact stimulates metabolism, helping in weight loss and energy production.

In the longer run, it also controls plasma glucose and insulin levels. Helping with diabetes, obesity and may be used as an adjuvant therapy to decrease the features of metabolic syndrome.

We can be invincible.

Having a properly functioning immune system is the key to longevity and a healthy life. But sometimes our power to fight outside invaders and even inside ones can be weakened by a multitude of factors, extending illness.

A natural response of our body defending us is inflammation however on the long term it can be dangerous to our body. That’s why having the ability to lower inflammation can bring substantial benefits to improve our life.

Molecular hydrogen is shown to support the immune system by downregulating genetic expression of pro-inflammatory molecules, known to exacerbate inflammatory response, acting as an incredible anti-inflammatory.

H₂ also helps to alleviate mild allergic symptoms and promotes a better PH balance in blood, supporting our natural ability to fight off sickness.

Protect the skin at all costs.

The skin is the largest and most visible tissue in our body.

Since it is constantly in contact with the outside world it’s vulnerable to the environment and it’s pollutants increasing the development of free radicals.

Free radicals are indeed responsible for breaking down our skin's collagen. Resulting in unflattering skin blemishes like wrinkling, dark spots, fine lines and loose, saggy skin.

By taking advantage of molecular hydrogen we can fight free radicals to prevent premature skin ageing and promote skin elasticity from the inside. 

Staying active = staying young

We already know that being active is a fundamental part of staying healthy and energetic… so why not give it a boost?

Our hero is the best choice if there’s the need to advance in performance and recovery.

Molecular hydrogen easily helps with the high demands of active athletes to overcome physical limits with less effort.

In fact H₂ is found to promote mitochondrial biogenesis, boost ATP energy production while reducing the exercise-induced rise in lactic acidincreasing endurancestrength and even supporting repair and recovery from  injury or overtraining.

Do we drink enough water?

Research shows that 75% of people are chronically dehydrated and at least 518,000 are hospitalised only in the US because of it.

Dehydration makes us feel tired, dizzy and lightheaded. It causes foggy memory and irritability making it more difficult to focus on our everyday life.

This will never be an issue again.

To know how HFlask generates molecular hydrogen rich water click the link below


For more information about molecular hydrogen’s benefits and additional scientific data visit our dedicated research page 

DISCLAIMER :HFlask™ does not replace the common-sense decisions of proper nutrition, healthy eating, rest, exercise and stress reduction. HFlask™ will aid you in entering a new level of health and vitality. Information on this web site or any information contained on any product label or packaging is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional.