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About the HFlask

HFlask filters and infuses molecular hydrogen into water after a process called electrolysis . During this process an electric current between two electrodes splits the water molecule. As soon as the molecule is split, molecular hydrogen passes trough the protone exchange membrane (Nafion N117) and is infused into water. Oxygen and other gasses like chlorine are blocked by the membrane and are disposed from a vent underneath the bottle.

The hydrogen water produced by HFlask help your body fight free radicals which damage your body’s cells and tissues, eventually leading to illness. For more information on the benefits of molecular hydrogen visit our dedicated page ( click here )

Yes, HFlask is one of the most reliable portable hydrogen water generators compared to other similar devices. See what people have told about their experience with HFlask ( click here )

We advise to drink as many cups of HFlask you want. The more you drink the more benefits you can get. 

HFlask is designed for anyone who is health conscious and want to go next level, athletes who want to maximise their performance but also for the ones who want to make a first step into a healthier life and start a new life chapter.

What is Molecular Hydrogen and Free Radicals

Molecular hydrogen ( H₂ ) is the result of two hydrogen atoms bind together. Since hydrogen is the smallest atom in the periodic table, molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe. H₂ is an antioxidant and help our body fight free radicals and oxidative stress. For more information on the benefits of molecular hydrogen visit our dedicated page ( click here ) .

Free radicals are waste molecules produced by our cells. These molecules mostly play a damaging effect on our body and can be the leading cause of 90% of chronic health challenges such as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s to mention a few. That’s why it is crucial to consume enough antioxidants to fight these molecules.

For more information about them visit our dedicated page ( click here ) .

No, you can’t overdose on molecular hydrogen. Research shows the are no counter indications for the consumption of H₂.

Contacts, Shipping, Warrenty and Affiliation

Write us an email to info@hflask.com or help@hflask.com. We are happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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